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Seek and Destroy - I Fight Dragons

Demo song from I Fight Dragons’ new EP for their War of Cyborg Liberation tour; released today during their (somewhat flopped) October UStream!

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Oh my god. I think I just found my new favorite Christmas song. 

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Shit’s Gonna Be Okay - I Fight Dragons

Sometimes I just need to listen to this song. 


Sometimes I cry because I Fight Dragons

sometimes I cry because people don’t know i fight dragons


IFD,then and now.  (2009/2012)

I Fight Dragons - I Fight Ganon (Legend of Zelda Theme - Live)
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have I mentioned that I Fight Dragons is my favorite band ever

I Fight Dragons + Corresponding Band Colors

I Fight Dragons + Corresponding Band Colors

the life of an i fight dragons fan
someone: what music do you like?
me: oh, i really love i fight dragons
someone: you mean imagine dragons right?
me: [sigh]
me: [deep breath]
me: [8-bit voice] NOOOOOOOOOOOO
I Fight Dragons - The Future Soon (Jonathan Coulton Cover)
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Artist: I Fight Dragons (Originally Jonathan Coulton.)
Song: The Future Soon.
Album: IFD Super-Secret Exclusives.  (Mailing list subscribers.)
Year: 2009.

I know they’re not the typical type of thing I post here, but they’re an amazing chiptune band that I think many people can appreciate.

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